"The Educational Module

Migration in the European Union:
Problems and Prospects"

EUMig — Migration in the EU: challenges and opportunities

Jean Monnet Module • Erasmus+ Programme

The aims of the project are:

  • ■ to strengthen the European Research line in the curriculum of the two participating faculties;
  • ■ to attract students’ attention to migration problems in the EU;
  • ■ to build up an objective picture of migration problems in the context of intercultural communication and gender approach.

The objectives of the Module are:

  • ■ to introduce new courses and increase the share of academic hours for the courses included in the Educational Module;
  • ■ to stimulate student research into the Project’s issues;
  • ■ to develop the interactivity of the courses included in the Educational Module;
  • ■ to organize a range of Project events for Secondary School students, students of other faculties of the VSU and all the interested persons.