From the 2nd to the 15th of May the topics of Module 6 «Globalization. The official, regional and minority languages in Europe» (Globalisation. Langues officielles, régionales et minoritaires en Europe) were discussed by the students of the French philology department.

The objectives of the module were:

Several projects were completed by students during the Module:

  1. The European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages (La Charte européenne des langues régionales et minoritaires).
    The work was carried out by the student of the 3d year (Theory and methodology of foreign language teaching) Anastasia Kisel. In her presentation she discussed the main provisions of the Charter, as well as the reasons for its non-ratification in some EU member states.

  2. The linguistic situation in one of the EU member states (Le paysage linguistique d’un état-membre de l’UE).
    The project was completed by the 3rd year student (Theory and Practice of Translation) Daria Maiorova. She chose Belgium as one of the best examples of a multilingual EU member country. In her presentation Daria spoke about the official languages of Belgium, position of regional languages and aspects of the implementation of the EU language policy in this country.

  3. Endangered EU languages (Langues menacées а l’Union européenne).
    This research was carried out by the 3d year student Ulker Verdiyeva. She paid special attention to the criteria which are used to define that a language is endangered, the causes of this process, and considered some examples of endangered languages.

In their feedback students noted that with every new project their work becomes more familiar and that the competencies they had developed would be helpful in their future.