The Module 11 "Taking into account identity related issues in business communication» (Prise en compte de l’identité dans les relations d’affaires) (11 hours) was designed for the participants of Presidential program for training managers and the work was carried out during their French language lessons. The participants represented several enterprises in the city of Voronezh: Voronezh Mechanical Plant, Voronezh Aircraft Company (VASO) and TV-channel “Gubernia”.

The program of the module included various kinds of activities devoted to the cultural identity, peculiarities of national business cultures and cross-cultural management.

During the interactive lecture on the theory of intercultural communication, the participants analyzed the implicit and explicit elements specific for every culture, introduced the concept of culture codes and considered classification of business cultures by G. Hofstede. As their homework, the students were asked to compare the Russian business culture with cultures of their business partners and to prepare a conclusion in French.

The second stage of work was devoted to the analysis of case studies that describe failures in intercultural business communication, resulting from the influence of the identity of the communicants.

During the next stage of the program the students listened to the lectures of graduates of the Presidential program: director of Ltd "The Power of Logistics" Valery Marenich and director of the company "Tatyana’s Day" Tatyana Luganskaya. They shared their experience of cooperation with foreign enterprises and spoke about the need to take into account the principles of intercultural communication. They presented the place of French companies in the economy of the region and the prospects for further cooperation with France as well.

The final stage of work on the module was to prepare presentations on international cooperation of each of the represented companies in the French language.