Module 10 «Taking into account students’ identity during foreign language lessons» (Prise en compte de l’identité en classe de langue) was aimed at teachers of Voronezh gymnasium named after I.S. Nikitin with extensive French learning. 9 teachers of junior and senior classes attended workshops, which were held from May, the 26th to June, the 24th. The overall duration of the workshop was of 16 academic hours but it was organized in two phases.

The first phase (8 academic hours) took place on the 26th and the 27th of May and was held by the assistant professor at University of Caen-Normandy Mr. Laurent Senoze (Caen, France), who visited Voronezh in the framework of the Tempus project DeTEL.

During the part of the workshop Mr. Senoze who teaches French as foreign language at the University Caen-Normandy language center Carrй international shared his experience of fostering intercultural competence and taking into account identity in teaching a foreign language to a multicultural audience. He analyzed the most recent French course books from the point of developing intercultural competence, and gave examples of other tasks aimed at fostering tolerance and respect for other cultures.

During the second part of this workshop 3d year students of the French philology department (Theory and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching) Anastasia Kisel, Ulker Verdiyeva, Anne-Marie Rushanyan and Rsenia Romanenkova presented their comparative analysis of French and Russian textbooks of French as foreign language for elementary and middle school students from the point of developing intercultural competence. The workshop ended with a critical discussion on the necessity to take students’ national identity in Russian schools.

The second phase of the workshop (8 hours) was held on June, the 23rd and June, the 24th. During the first day the work group of the Jean Monnet PolidEU project gave lectures on issues related to the identity. The project leader Elena Alekseeva spoke about the policy of multiculturalism, European plurilingualism and the EU language policy in the field of teaching foreign languages. A member of the project team Svetlana Bulgakova held a lecture dedicated to the analysis of approaches to the definition of intercultural competence and intercultural mediation, the place of these competences in the European foreign language teaching methods and assessment of intercultural competence among students.

On the last day of the workshop school teachers presented their own projects. They told about methods used to foster intercultural competence on different levels of secondary education during the French language lessons and specialized courses on the French history and culture, the French economy. All the participants of the workshop "Taking into account students’ identity during foreign language lessons" were awarded certificates of participation signed by the vice-rector of the Voronezh State University (Economics and International Cooperation) Oleg Belenov, Mr. Laurent Senoze and Elena Alekseeva.

At the end of the workshop new ways of cooperation in the framework of the project were defined: