For two weeks (March, the 21 – April, the 3) students of the French philology department participating in the project Jean Monnet PolidEU worked on the Module 3 "Institutions of the European Union" (Institutions européennes).

The module was designed to achieve several goals:

The lecture was held by PhD., head of the Center for International Projects and Programs Alla Akulshina. The lecture highlighted several important points:

Following topics were suggested for students’ project work:

  1. History and principles of the EU legislative institutions functioning (Histoire et modalités de fonctionnement des institutions legislatives européennes). The project was carried out by students of the 4th year (Theory and practice of translation) Victoria Ryabova, Julia Mirzoyeva and Wang Xinjiang. They spoke about the work of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, as well as the procedure of the EU elections and the results of the last vote.

  2. National and European law (Droit national et droit européen). The subject was studied by students of the 4th year (Theory and practice of translation) Alexandra Bodrova and Irina Klimova. They presented the main sources of primary and secondary European law, analyzed the specificity of each of them, and talked about the principle of rule of EU law over national law.

  3. Delegation of the sovereign powers of the EU (La délégation des compétences souveraines à l’Union Européenne). The project was implemented by students of the 3d year of studies Dmitry Arkhipov and Anne-Marie Rushanyan. They analyzed the main EU competences in the field of economy, social policy, the environment, spoke about the principles of functioning of the common European economic space.

In their feedback all the participants noted the difficulties they encountered while working with legal terminology.