From May 8 to 31, members of the Jean Monet PolidEU project work group implemented module 9 "Identity through the prism of assimilation of immigrants and the preservation of values of multiculturalism" at the Faculty of International Relations.

The lessons were attended by 20 students of 2-4 years of studies in the field of "International Relations", "Regional Studies" and learning French as the first and second foreign language.

The participants worked on a dossier specifically developed for the Jean Monnet project and dedicated to the issue of immigration in the EU. After studying the proposed materials, participants were offered a project work on the following topics:

  1. Development of the migration crisis in Europe: the chronology of events (Déroulement de la crise migratoire en Europe: chronologie des événements).

  2. The EU response in the context of the migration crisis (Réponse de l’UE à la crise des migrants).

  3. The perception of immigration in the EU (Perceptions des migrants à l’UE).

  4. Challenges to European identity during the migration crisis (Défis identitaires de la crise des migrants).

Based on the results of the work, the students who prepared the projects were awarded certificates of the participant signed by the project manager, Ph.D., prof. Elena Alekseeva and the head of the VSU International Cooperation service Oleg Belenov.