From December 12 to December 17, the Department of French Philology implemented the module 7 “Management of documents in the EU institutions: translation and interpretation” (Gestion des documents à l’UE: traduction et interprétariat) of the Jean Monnet PolidEU project.

The work within the module was carried out with the 3-year students studying in the field of “Translation and Translation Studies”. To enhance the work and involve more students in the project activities, the classes were organized in a round table format.

The purpose of the module is to acquaint the project participants with the features of the functioning of EU institutions in the context of official multilingualism. Each student prepared a small message (2-3 minutes) within the framework of the module topics (Difficulties associated with the official multilingual situation in EU institutions, Translation activities in EU institutions), and then, the future translators discussed the difficulties of translation and interpreting during the sessions of the EU institutions, tried to translate official documents using French as a reference language (langue pivot).