In accordance with the schedule of implementation of the Jean Monnet PolidEU project, from 4 to 11 December, the 3rd year students studied the contents of module 6 “Globalization. Official, regional and minority languages in Europe ”(Globalisation. Langues officielles, régionales et minoritaires en Europe), dedicated to the challenges of globalization, the policy of protecting languages within the EU.

To enhance the work and involve more students in project activities, classes were organized with the future language teachers (program "Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures") in a round table format.

Each student prepared a small message (2-3 minutes) on one of the topics of the module (Linguistic situation in one of the EU member states, EU languages under threat, the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages), and then, answering the questions of the teacher, the students expressed a reasoned opinion, tried to foresee and justify the development of the situation, compared the language situation of the EU and Russia.