From November 15 to November 22, the participants of the project Jean Monnet PolidEU worked on module 5 "The values of multiculturalism and language policy of the EU and the member states" (Valeurs du milticulturalisme et la politique linguistique de l’UE et de ses pays-membres).

The lecture covered several key points related to the topic: the concept of multiculturalism as one of the fundamental values of the EU; the principles and objectives of the EU language policy.

The project work in the framework of the module was carried out on the following topics:

  1. Mobility programs as a mechanism for implementing language policy (Les programs de mobilité comme outils de la mise en oeuvre de la politique linguistique).
    The project was completed by Anastasia Petiy, a 3rd year student (Translation and Translation Studies). She reviewed the main mobility programs (Erasmus +, Tempus, Babel, etc.) and presented assessments of their effectiveness in terms of improving the employment prospects of young people and the formation of European identity.

  2. French language policy and European law (Politique linguistique du dirigisme en France et le droit européen).
    The student of the 3rd course (Translation and Translation Studies) Lyudmila Nosova worked on the project. She examined the legislation on language policy in France and compared it with the principles of language policy and EU legislation, having come to the conclusion that France is increasingly adapting to the policy of multilingualism.