From October 23 to October 30, 2017 the students of the French philology department participating in the project Jean Monnet PolidEU worked on the Module 3 "Institutions of the European Union" (Institutions européennes). The module was designed to get students acquainted with the functioning and structure of the main EU institutions.

The lecture was held by PhD., head of the Department for International Projects and Programs Alla Akulshina. The lecture highlighted the principles of the European institutions functioning (European Parliament, European Commission, Council of Europe) and personalities of the Heads of these institutions.

Following topics were suggested for students’ project work:

  1. The history and principles of the functioning of the EU legislative institutions (Histoire et modalités de fonctionne institute legislative eurosénnes).
    The project was prepared by student Elena Yermolina (“Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures”). She spoke about the main EU institutions and asked the participants questions for self-assessment, since the topic caused some difficulties.

  2. The redistribution of powers of sovereign states within the EU (La délégation des compétences souveraines au sein de l’UE).
    The student Veronika Obenyakova (“Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures”) worked on this complex topic. She also tried to convey to students as fully as possible the peculiarities of the legal status of EU member states to linguistic students.

  3. The national and European law (Droit national et droit européen).
    This project was implemented by the 3rd year student Daria Shvetsova. She spoke about the problem of the collision of national and European legal systems on the example of France and about ways to resolve such conflicts.