On October 16, the participants in the Jean Monnet PolidEU project began working on the second module "History of the European Union" (Histoire de la construction européenne) within the project. During the lecture several topics were discussed: main stages of the European idea development and personalities who have contributed to it. In addition, the key stages of the European Union creation were presented (the creation of the first European Communities, main treaties and principles of functioning of the united European).

Студенты также выполнили проекты на следующие темы:

  1. The founding fathers of the European Union (Pères-fondateurs de l’UE).
    The topic of the project attracted special attention of the participants, and two students, regardless of each other, took up the project: Vera Zueva (Translation and Translation Studies) and Alina Terekhova (Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures). The students presented the career of European leaders and the contribution of each of them to the creation of the EU.

  2. European integration in the mirror of the EU treaties (Integration progressive des Etats-membres à travers les Traités).
    The project was prepared by student Anastasia Malakhova (Translation and Translation Studies). During the presentation, she spoke about the key provisions of the fundamental treaties of the EU and the prospects for its expansion.