On 12-17th of December the French philology department implemented Module 7 “Management of documents in the EU institutions: translation and interpretation” (Gestion des documents à l’UE: traduction et interprétariat) of the Jean Monnet PolidEU project.

The module was aimed at the 3d and the 4th year students, field of studies “Theory and Practice of Translation”. The aim of the work on the module was to analyze the challenges of the institutional translation in the EU due to the existence of the official multilingualism.

In the module framework the students covered the following topics:

  1. Institutional challenges related to the official multilingualism in the EU institutions (Les défis du multilinguisme institutionnel au sein de l’Union Européenne).
    The project was carried out by the 3d year student Margarita Perekhoda In her presentation she spoke about financial, economic and language factors which complicate the work of the EU institutions within the official multilingualism.

  2. Translation and Interpreting Challenges in the EU Institutions (Défis de la traduction et de l’interprétation au sein des institutions européennes).
    The topic was discussed by the 3d year student Daria Fokina. She presented the main departments responsible for the translation and interpreting in the EU institutions and their work.