From the 5 to the 12 of November, students of the 3d and the 4th years of the French philology department carried out their projects in the framework of Module 4 "National and European Identity" (Identité nationale et européenne).

According to the project program a lecture on the subject was held by the members of the project work group. After the introduction of the topic the students started working on their projects on the following topics:

  1. National and European Identity in the EU Member States (Identité nationale et identité européenne dans les Etats-membres de l’UE).
    The project was carried out by the student of the 4th year (Theory and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching) Ulker Verdieva. She cited main definitions of the identity, spoke about the difference between national and European identity and highlighted major obstacles on the way of fostering the European identity in the EU member countries.

  2. Is the language an essential element of identity? (Langue, élément indispensable de l’identité?).
    The topic was covered by the 4th year student (Theory and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching) Ksenia Romanenkova. In her presentation the student examined the role of language as a key element of an identity giving the French language and the Francophonie as an example. She analysed as well the principles of multilingualism which EU language policy is based on.

  3. Euroscepticism and independence movements in Europe (Euroscepticisme et mouvements indépendantistes en Europe).
    This theme was discussed in the presentation prepared by the 4th year student Anastasia Kisel. She analysed the origins and types of euroscepticism in Europe and envisaged researchers opinions on the development of the independence movements in Europe.