From October, the 15th the participants of the PolidEU project began their work on Module 2 "History of the European Union" (Histoire de la construction européenne) within the framework of Jean Monnet PolidEU project. During the lecture several topics were discussed: main stages of the European idea development and personalities who have contributed to it. In addition, the key stages of the European Union creation were presented (the creation of the first European Communities, main treaties and principles of functioning of the united European).

The following topics were covered by the students in their project work:

  1. The European idea in the works of thinkers of different epochs (L’idée européenne dans les oeuvres des penseurs à travers les époques).
    The project was carried out by student of the 4 year (Theory and Practice of Translation) Daria Maiorova. She presented the development of the European idea since the XIV century up until the EU foundation.

  2. European integration in the mirror of the EU treaties (Intégration progressive des Etats-membres à travers les Traités).
    The project was carried out by the 4th year students (Theory and Practice of Translation) Mezhov Anton. In his presentation, he covered the main points of the EU treaties concerning the European integration.

  3. Challenges of the EU enlargement (Enjeux de l’élargissement de l’UE).
    The project was prepared by the student of the 4th year (Theory and Practice of Translation) Ekaterina Derkatch. In her presentation, the student spoke about the main stages of the EU enlargement, the criteria for applicants.