Jean Monnet Actions

ProEU: To be European in Russia: pro and contra

The project is aimed at developing the understanding between EU and Russia by carrying out cross-cultural analysis on the topic of ‘To be European in Russia: pro and contra’.

The project is aimed at promoting discussion and reflection on EU issues via the cross-cultural analysis focused on identification of obstacles and benefits in being European in Russia. Project activities envisage fostering dialogue between the academic world, policy-makers and business community thus contributing to development of mutual understanding between the EU and Russian societies and helping to eliminate contradictions in perception “to be a European”.

The vision paper prepared in the course of the project will include expert recommendations concerning ways of building collaboration between European and Russian partners.

International Scientific Conference
«European identity and political challenges: old concept, new vision»

Voronezh, 4-7 July 2016

Project partners:
■ Voronezh State University

PolidEU: European Identity through the European Union policy

The project aims at integrating EU related topics into university curriculum and finding tools to develop professional skills of graduates and the inexperienced teachers in order to boost their competitiveness at the job market.

Project activities will build dialogue between HEIs and political sphere and encourage innovations in education.

Project partners:
■ Voronezh State University

EULAP: EU-Russia Law Approximation

The project concerns the topic of approximation of the EU law in non-EU member states, particularly Russia, and aims at implementing the course module in order to extend students’ knowledge in the field of international law.
Disciplines concerning the EU law will be included in the curriculum and the on-line resource for downloading teaching materials and the envisaged monograph will be developed during the project lifetime.

Project Partners:
■ Voronezh State University