From February, the 24th to March, the 6 the participants of the PolidEU project – students of the French philology department – worked on Module 1 "Principles of treatment and presentation of information and introduction to project work" (Initiation au traitement, а la présentation de l’information et au montage de projets).

During the lecture the following points were discussed:

During the distance learning phase and independent work on the module students recieved two dossiers, containing the authentic texts and iconic documents on the following topics:

  1. Policy of multiculturalism: the failure or the need for a fundamental review of the concept (Multiculturalisme de l’Union Européenne : échec ou révision du concept).

  2. Regional and minority languages back in the limelight (Langues régionales et minoritaires de nouveau à la une).

Students were asked to create their own text which would have an independent logical structure using the guidelines on synthesizing the information from different sources. During the face-to-face sessions the logical structure of dossiers, opportunities of paraphrasing the information to avoid plagiarism in further work on the project were discussed.

Students’ syntheses were evaluated by teachers in distance format via the VSU Electronic University (Moodle-based platform). Each of the participants of the project was rated in accordance with the criteria and received a feedback on ways to improve his/her performance.