From December 11 to December 18, the work was carried out on the final eighth module of the Jean Monnet PolidEU project for students of the Romance and Germanic faculty “Modern challenges related to language and identity” (Defis et enjeux actuels liés à l’identité et a la langue).

The work on the module was organised in the format of discussions based on authentic video documents and materials of the French press on topical issues related to identity.

While watching and reading, students performed a number of tasks for listening, understanding written text and held a preliminary discussion. As homework they prepared to discuss the topics covered in the documents in the course of a more detailed discussions. All tasks were developed by the project team specifically for the implementation of the module.

The following issues were discussed during the work on the module:

  1. EU symbols as a means of fostering the European identity (by the example of the hero Europeman).

  2. Does national symbolism hinder the formation of the European identity (for example, the day of Great Britain introduced to rally the nation after the terrorist attacks in London)?

  3. The radicalization of EU citizens as a result of insufficient assimilation and the absence of European identity (for example, the terrorist attacks committed in Paris and Brussels).